Pistol, Rifle and Shotshell Primers In Stock!

Pistol, rifle and shotshell primers now on the shelf!

We have a new batch of primers in stock.  Brands include CCI, Winchester and Federal.  Some will be excited because we finally got in some small pistol primers which many of you have been waiting on.  We now have the following in inventory and each box contains 1000 units:


  • Large Pistol No. 300 – $34.95 per box
  • Small Pistol No. 500 – $30.99 per box
  • Small Rifle No. 400 – $34.95 per box
  • Shotshell No. 209 – $30.99 per box / $147.99 per case


  • Winchester for Shotshells No. W209 – $27.99 per box
  • Winchester Small Pistol for standard pistol loads No. WSP – $28.99 per box / 132.99 per case


  • Shotshell No. 209A – $31.99 per box


***NOTE*** Prices, specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

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