We have recently partnered with Tactical Advantage.

Need firearms training or self defense training? You can get both or either at Gain Tactical Advantage.

Tactical Advantage

Tim Tucker is the CEO and Chief Instructor of Tactical Advantage “Firearms & Self-Defense Training”. Tim has a law enforcement background, a former LEO Defensive Tactics and Taser Instructor. Owner and Head Instructor at Lebanon Martial Arts Academy, 6th degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate recognized by the USGA, USKK, USAMA and USKA. He is a Certified Instructor with the United States Conceal Carry Association (USCCA), Certified Chief Range Safety Officer and a Certified Instructor with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

He will do well by you and will provide you a discount if you let him know you were referred to him through Eberhard Ballistics.

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