New Ammo In – Come Get Some ;-)

Our Latest Ammo Order Arrives

Our latest order contains ammo for handguns, rifles and shotguns and includes the brands Aguila, Hornady, PMC, Winchester, Exotic and Fiocchi.


  • AGUILA 45 AUTO 230GR FMJ p/n: AG1E452110
  • HORN CRIT DEFENCE 40CAL 165GR p/n: H91340
  • HORN CRIT DEFENCE 45CAL 185GR p/n: H90900
  • HORN CRIT DEFENCE 9MM 115GR p/n: H90250
  • PMC Bronze 38 Spl 132gr FMJ p/n: PMC38G
  • WIN 45 AUTO 185GR FMJ p/n: USA45A


  • Hornady Cowboy 45 Colt 255gr p/n: H9115
  • Hornady LEVERevolution 45 Colt 225gr FTX p/n: H92792
  • FIOCCHI AMMO 308 WIN 150GR FMJBT p/n: F308A


  • EXOTIC SHORTY 00 BUCK 12 GA 1 3/4″ 6-00 BUCK p/n: A00510
  • EXOTIC SHORTY JUNGLE JUICE JR. 1 3/4″ 14-000BK/7.5 p/n: A00515
  • EXOTIC SHORTY 3 BUCK 12 GA 1 3/4″ 21-#3 BUCK p/n: A00516
  • WIN 12GA 2-3/4″ SLUG p/n: X12RS15VP
  • WIN 12GA Rifled SLUG p/n: X12RS15
  • WIN 410GA 2-1/2″ 1300fps 1/2OZ 7-1/2 p/n: AASC417
  • WIN SUPREME 410GA 2.5″ PDX1 3DISKS/12-BB p/n: S410PDX1

Come and stock up for the upcoming Gunsite training classes to be hosted in Lebanon, or just because 😉

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