Freedom Ordinance FX-9 Carbines Now in Stock!

We now have the Freedom Ordinance FX-9 Carbines in stock. We have two pistols and one rifle right now. Rifle or Pistol, the choice is yours and the price is $667.00. Come give them a look.

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DesertTech MDR's Are Shipping!

Portable, Adaptable, & Ambidextrous... as it allows for mission specific adaptability by changing the rifle's length, sound signature, and/or caliber. Its fully ambidextrous design allows seamless shoulder transitions. Advanced firepower for the future Patriot!

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Our Latest Kimber Order has Shipped!

Our latest Kimber order consists of handguns, holsters, & PepperBlasters. Pistol models include CUSTOM II (TWO-TONE)(9MM), STAINLESS II (.45ACP), MICRO9 (WOODLAND NIGHT)(LG),
MICRO9(LG), MICRO380 (DESERT NIGHT), & ULTRA RAPTOR II (NS). Come check out the new stock!

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Not a fan!

Suspect in disturbance at Missouri Walmart says he was testing 2nd Amendment rights: prosecutors He said he had bought the rifle and body armor because of three recent shootings and a stabbing, and wanted to protect himself. (Pretty sure thats a lie!) But… People need to get used to loaded weapons in public. It is

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Change in Hours

We have a need to change our hours of operation. Please note that we will no longer be open on Mondays. Also it’s possible that hours may fluctuate some until we find the right solution, but we will certainly try to commit to this for now: Tues-Thu: 11am-7pm Fri: 11am-8pm Sat: 11am-8pm Sun-Mon: Closed

Get You a Dillon!

THIRTY-NINE bux for 20 rounds of Hornady 300 Win Mag is hard on just about anyone that needs them. Acquire a Dillon re-loader and put that behind you. We just set one of our fine customers up with one and 39 bux for 20 rounds is over! But first… enjoy some Bon Jovi – and

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10 inch Steel Gong

Birchwood-Casey Steel Gongs In Stock

8 Inch AR500 steel target 10 inch Diameter Includes 3 inch Target Spot® Centerfire Rifle and Handgun Compatible Made in USA $34.00 3/8 Inch AR500 steel target 8 inch Diameter Includes 3 inch Target Spot® Centerfire Rifle and Handgun Compatible Made in USA $29.50 World of Targets On the range with Hickok45 Banging steel makes

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