What’s Up with this Possible 10,000 Acre Development in Rural Western Boone County (500W & SR32)?

AKA – The Elephant in the Room!

A link from the Lebanon Reporter – Officials Answer Questions at Boone County State of the Community Event.

Possible 10,000-acre development

It sounds like this area is going to be developed. Like a small town even, and maybe perhaps a bit on the Shady side since the County knows little about it…

Possible 10 Thousand Acre Development @ 500W & SR32 in Boone County

Drop in and let us know what you might know about this. Or post info to our Facebook page.

Update (03/25/2022):

We had folks attend the meeting at Western Boone HS in the gymnasium last night on 03/24/2022. A large crowd attended. The gymnasium was nearly full with attendants occupying the bleachers all the way up on both sides. The meeting, led by local zoning and county authorities, appears to have been nothing but a bad charade and a complete waste of time per the attendees we’ve spoken with about this activity.

As the authorities claimed they could not inform the folks as to what this “Mystery Development” is, rather they wasted everyone’s time telling the masses what the “Mystery Development” is not. They also stated they had only found out about it last week! (laughable).

My question is this… How can they tell us what it is not, if they don’t know what it is??? (Again – laughable).

I smell rats here 😉

Reach out if you have any more information on the “Mystery Development” in Western Boone County.

Update (07/28/2022):

Biden The Sellout!

Annexation -> The first step in gentrification!

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